Sunday, July 20, 2014

Cross Stitch Revival

I've been itching to start a cross stitch project and I've got three on the table from which to choose.

I've had this pattern for a while. I bought it the same time I bought the "Little Bit" bear cub pattern that I made for my father-in-law:

 When I go to their house and look at it on the wall I have two reactions:

1. I am utterly charmed and enchanted by this little guy. Somehow, his personality seeps through the stitches.
2. The person who stitched this was utterly insane.

And this is the pattern I bought at that time - I've shown it before

I think I want to start this one. but I'm not sure I want to use the white background that was included. I think it's too stark and pristine and I was thinking I wanted  a more rustic look. However, I wasn't sure about using a rustic background because I thought it might just make the sky look dirty. So, should I stitch it on white and tea or coffee dye  it once it is stitched?  The thought of that scares me. Maybe the white makes the detail stand out. Maybe I ought to quit second guessing myself and just stitch.  After all, I was drawn to this piece immediately just the way it was and I love a bright blue sky with big, white clouds rolling across it in real life. I think I just talked myself into using the white background. :)

I also found this piece while browsing patterns:

It ought to be a quick stitch and I think I'll look for a linen in a light oatmeal color for it. I just wish linen wasn't so crazy expensive. And then I ordered this:

Proof that I've had another bout of insanity.This pattern was a computer download. I've not worked one of these before and I'm a little overwhelmed. There are 66 pages to print out and 150 different colors in this chart. I have a large collection of DMC floss. I went through it all the other day and I was missing 24 colors so I added those and wound them onto the little floss keepers.

I had no idea that those little numbered stickers for the floss holders even existed. I got pretty excited when I saw those. Its been a really long time since I bought any new floss. I'm talking 15 years long and I started cross stitching 29 years ago so I've been collecting floss for a long time. I always just used a sharpie marker to write the number on the plastic tab.

Then I emptied a floss box and placed all the colors together:

Guess that means I'm actually planning on stitching this one. It's going to be 20" x 14". It doesn't matter what I stitch this on as every square is covered by stitches.

Summer does not allow me much stitching time so I don't know what I'm thinking, but that's not all that unusual. :)

Thursday, July 17, 2014

Heaven on a Biscuit

As soon as I got back from the wedding, I set to turning these wild plums into jam,

and before long, I had a beautiful set of jars filled with the lovliest shade didn't set. I was crushed. There is nothing wrong with syrup, but I sure did have my heart set on jam.

There are a variety of reasons it may have not set. DH has a sweet tooth, but as I was making the jam, he asked that I not make it too sweet so I skimped on the sugar and the pectin I had on hand had expired in 2012. I figured it was still good, but I guess not and syrup was the result.

So, the next time I made a trip into town, jar lids and pectin were at the top of the list and I set out on round 2.

Sealed jars were reopened. Emptied. Washed. Sterilized. Refilled. And prayed over. :)

Biscuits were made and a jar was carefully selected. Said biscuit was slathered with butter and the prettiest jam you ever saw and it's divine. Heaven on a biscuit:

Thank you so much M!

Wednesday, July 9, 2014

'Tis the Season...

...for Cockleburrs.Yes, Cockleburr season is upon us and I am once again teaming up with DH and  my handy dandy sprayer:

Yesterday we left the house early and drove for an hour to get to our designated spot:

The May rains have brought the desert to life and I managed to sneak in a few photos in between my spraying duties, :)  I wish I had my good camera with me, but I was pleasantly surprised that these turned out  as well as they did seeing as I just snapped them with my phone and the sun was glaring on the screen so it was pretty much a crap shoot. Its so easy for me to get sidetracked when I have a camera in hand. The photographer in me just can not resist the urge to capture God's little masterpieces:

I did my best to stay on track and I painted every cockleburr in my path - its my version of multitasking. :)

The thing is, one cockleburr leads to another and before I know it, I look up and I've lost sight of DH and the pickup and anything familiar.

 Or I spied something a flutter and the glint of sun-kissed wings drew me  in:

I was utterly captivated by the busy-ness taking place among these thistles:

Alas, there is work to be done, but one of these little photos will be my screen saver on my phone and it'll be a daily reminder of a lovely morning working alongside my husband and how there is beauty in everything, even a not so glamorous job of spraying cockleburrs in the desert in the summer heat. Call me crazy, but I am so thankful for mornings like this.

Monday, July 7, 2014

Weekend Update

Hope y'alls 4th was a good one! We were unconventional - didn't attend any events - no parades, no fireworks, no rodeos, no barbecues - but my favorite cast iron skillet was filled with fried chicken, and watermelon and Summer Berry Pie were on the menu. The boys roped in the morning and naps were taken.

 On Saturday more roping ensued in the morning

and queso, salsa, and fajitas were served up to friends that evening as a good night of UFC fights had us sitting on the edge of our seats.

Sunday morning found us back in the roping arena by 6 am - see a cycle here? :)

Apparently my hands are soft because I now sport an attractive cluster of blisters from running the chute and pulling the rope on the gate.

I am on a mission to have hubby make a new gate that does not weigh a ton, but I love being out here when the boys rope. The sweet girl from North Camp snagged this shot:

DH reworked the heeling box and welded up a spot for an old toolbox for storing the horn wraps and various roping essentials:

He also fixed up a spot for our girl to sit while waiting for the boys to bring the cattle back up the alley:


DH smoked chicken and pork loin on Sunday and that, along with the weekend's leftovers, will keep us fed for days. I welcome the sabbatical from kitchen duties as I'm falling behind on mowing duties. :)

 I mowed some the other day and ran into something unexpected:

Oops. I've been letting the chickens free range for a few weeks and apparently someone just couldn't make it back to the coop in time. :) Sorry about the quality of these photos - just snapped them all quick with my phone.

Sunday afternoon found us napping off our dinner and settling in for another round of UFC fights in the evening. We watch almost no television, but UFC fights are something we sure enjoy. I know. It always surprises people to know that I am a UFC fan.

It was a good weekend. Today I'm heading to the sale barn and  then I have a date with my pillow long about 8 this evening...earlier if I can get away with it.

Sunday, July 6, 2014

A Manicure for a Ranch Wife

I'm not much for pampering. I consider a haircut every 6 months a treat. I like a no maintenance hairstyle and truth be told, it probably looks more like a mop than a hairstyle most days. But a few weeks ago,  I received a gift certificate from a friend for a manicure. She thought I needed to experience something new. LOL. I figured I could give it a shot since I had a wedding to attend. It was quite the experience for me.

I just had a french manicure and it didn't look bad on my short, fat fingernails.Our girl noticed it when we were at the wedding and she piped up, "Well, look at  you! My Mama's growing up!".

Needless to say, it didn't last long. I came home and ended up with my fingers in the dirt:

 My fingers are always happy when they are in the dirt. :)

Picked wild plums for jam:

Long about day 3, I helped DH clean out a water trough:

Not sure horn wraps and shuffling cattle helped matters any

Moving a pile of firewood pretty much convinced me that my hands can mess up a manicure in no time and manicures belong on someone else's fingers:

Now that I think about it, I probably could have just worn gloves for everything, but it seems things just pop up suddenly and gloves never cross my mind. So thank you for the gift - it was very thoughtful and I really did try to make it last. Pop on over in the next few days and I'll make you that pie you like - let's see how long THAT lasts! :)

Saturday, July 5, 2014

Wedding Celebration

Last week, one of my dearest friend's - Ranch Wife - daughter was hitched. The bride also happens to be college girl's best friend and we headed to Texas for a Texas-sized celebration. This darling girl has been eagerly awaiting this day. 

Here is her Mama, doing her imitation of Marilyn Monroe. Let me tell y'all - that little ole- cabin was HOT and the discovery of this little vent pretty much required a pose like this. You wear it well dear friend - you wear it well:


And what is a wedding without the darlingest kidlets on the planet?

I was delighted to be asked to keep a watchful eye upon the newest addition to the family - and let me tell you - this sweet thing was just catching a nap in preparation for a night of dancing. She took a particular shine to Johnny Cash.

These two are an awesome example of what a Godly marriage looks like and this gal has a good foundation as she and her groom begin building their own:

The man of her dreams hails from Delaware - he's been a heck of a sport finding his footing in a foreign country - and yes, Texas is a foreign land in comparison to Delaware. However, he has a heart for God and this dear girl - I'd say that's a combination that's hard to beat:

This little handsome guy is just too cute for his own good:

With a face like this, he's going to get away with a lot, but he's being raised right:

And here's our girl with her beau. The fact that she's wearing a dress makes this a major event, but she'd do just about anything for Sara. There was a bit of a glare from her before and after I took this shot, but I told her she cleans up good and with that good lookin' man by her side, I knew his Mama would want a picture. Back me up on that Sandra. :)

The next morning Ranch Wife carted us down to the creek bed and let us pick wild plums for jam. This was a good year for wild plums and I just wanted to move right in with her Mama and live right there on the bank of the creek:

12 of us bedded down that night in this gorgeous home and one by one we all wandered out onto the porch and ended up being serenaded by good cowboy music and church hymns on Sunday morning:


It just does a body and soul a world of good to begin the day this way:

And it just doesn't get any sweeter than these two - their tummies and spirits were being fed - J, you and J have the most precious children and you're doing an amazing job raising them:

I'm having a heck of a time getting to the computer these days, but I'll be back soon...I've got plum jam to blog about!

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

And the Painting Continues...

Once the living room had been repainted, the dining room was next on the list. One of the many things I love about this old house is the 9' ceilings and the big windows. The dining room only has one window, but it's a big  picture window that lets in lots of good light. It faces west and brings in lots of the afternoon heat which is really nice in the winter, but not so much during the desert summers. Thus the glare -

Still, the paneling made it feel like a cave and my mission to banish all 70's paneling must continue. I guess it was kind of cozy, but all of our furniture just felt like it was invisible against the brown. Here are the before shots:

Since its just the 2 of us these days, I don't keep any leaves in the table, but I have 2 large leaves that I add when I have a crowd:

I have 2 hides that I keep under the table too, but they were out on the fence waiting to be whacked with a rug beater. One more wall waiting for Kilz:

I used a color called Heath:

The red curtains have to go now.

But this room is done. Up next - the kitchen. I hope to tackle it after the 4th.
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